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Astrid Schryber


Accompanying parents and children

In my practice

In Tibet

About my work

My path to kinesiology led me via foot reflexology, classic massage and Bach flower therapy. Above all, I was fascinated by the mindfulness and carefulness of working with people in a holistic way. Kinesiology made me aware that we do not have to be driven by suffering, illness and pain, but that we can consciously, creatively and independently begin a process of self-creation, meaning and health whenever we choose to do so. Over the years, my work has developed into a method of descovering and opening up blockages on a deep, mental and spiritual level. This leads in a conscious, gentle way to new insights, personal growth and processes of change and healing. The inner core and silence are strengthened and enable desired changes for more health, balance and the development of our very own potential.

Primary and Further Education

  • Foot reflex zone massage according to Hanne Marquardt

  • Classic massage

  • Bach flower therapy with Dietmar Krämer

  • Training as an integrative kinesiologist at the Institute for Kinesiology IKAMED Zurich

  • Training as a helper for spiritual growth Center for self-transformation and naturopathic treatment Wuppertal

  • Transformational Kinesiology with Grete Fremming Polaris International College at IKAMED Zurich

  • Biochemistry according to Dr. Schuessler with Richard Kellenberger and Jo Marty

  • Further education in systemic family constellation

  • Working with early childhood reflexes APAMED Technical School for Kinesiology - Applied Psychology and Alternative Medicine

  • LEAP-Brain Integration Therapy at the Institute for Applied Kinesiology in Freiburg with Dr. Charles T Krebs

  • Further education at the Institute for Individual Systems with Artho S. Veeta I. Wittemann

  • Systemic, solution-oriented coaching with Prof. Peter E. Friedrich at IKAMED Zurich

  • In private practice since 1992

my strengths

I always invite my clients to open up, to trust in the unfolding of their own potential even if they have buried their personality under layers of old programming, abuse and confusion for years. Together we bring "buried" information from the subconscious to the surface and find solutions to bring our own diversity back to life.

my passion

  • To invest my lifetime meaningfully and fully committed to the development of love, abundance, the release of potential and creativity.

  • I firmly believe that love, courage and compassion stabilize and balance our lives in the long run.

  • I am always interested what keeps people healthy despite stress and critical life events.

  • Tibet inspires, touches and I travel with deep sympathy.

  • For me, long-distance hiking is one of the most beautiful ways of being close to nature.

  • I love taking photos


  • I am an accredited therapist by the health insurance companies, the registration offices EMR and EGK as well as a member of the KineSuisse association.

  • Most health insurances cover part of the treatment costs via alternative or complementary supplementary insurance. Please clarify this with your health insurance in advance.

  • If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise I have to charge you for the costs.


German, Italian 

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