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Raymond McDonald


Raymond McDonald

  • 1970: Born and raised in London of Irish background.

  • 1995-99: Four-year full-time education, Bachelor of Science (Hons) East. at the British

  • School of Osteopathy - Europe's oldest school for osteopathy - founded in 1917

  • 1999 - today: in Switzerland - married, three boys!

  • Various further training courses in the field of osteopathy.

About my work

As an osteopath, I find it very exciting and enlightening to work with the whole person, in harmony with the body, governed by the laws of nature.

It is often a kind of "detective work" to find out where the root of the complaints lie. If you listen to the body and understand it, it has a lot to tell.

The treatment helps the person to be more centered and achieve better balance - a sort of functional 'reset'. I am constantly amazed and touched by how the body reorganizes and heals.

What is osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a kind of "manual medicine" to diagnose and treat functional disorders. This means that the osteopath determines where in the body there are blockages that prevent the full expression of the patient's health potential.

Because if the body's defenses and self-healing powers are overtaxed by stress, this can trigger complaints: the balance between structure and function is disturbed. It is now the task of the osteopath to restore harmony.

Osteopathy is both science and art within medicine. The science of osteopathy consists of a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry. It also includes the knowledge of the organization and behavior of the organism in the healthy and in the ill state as well as during a recovery process. It has its own concept and special principles for diagnosis and therapy. The concept is based on the understanding of muscles, fascia and the skeleton as a coherent system. This forms a functioning unit with the other organ systems.

The art lies in the targeted and individually tailored treatment to the specific needs of the patient. It includes the implementation of the philosophy which lies at the heart of osteopathy. For many osteopaths, osteopathy is "A way of life."


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