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Ruth Wenger


Somatic work releases forces

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My practice room

About my work


My work has developed from my many years of experience. It is neither psychotherapy nor psychological counseling and is entirely "unesoteric" but embraces the whole human being: body, mind and spirit. It is beautiful, gentle, versatile and effective work. The positive effect and the energy released can be experienced directly in the body and in everyday life. ​

The focus is on healthy self-regulation. The body “knows” what it needs. Your heart knows what is essential. You find the strongest resources within yourself. My work is to support you to discover and use this.

In MEDIATIONS I work with the DIALOG according to David Bohm. This type of genuine and honest communication creates a secure framework in which even very difficult and "sensitive" topics can be dealt with in depth; this often works "miracles". This form of mediation also includes dialogue training, with which couples, teams and groups can also independently moderate rounds of dialogue.

COACHINGS show you your very own to realize yourself and your goals. I include the somatic sense and this approach has an immediate effect. Through my many years of practice, I have a diverse range of intervention options that I can bring in depending on the situation.


Coupled with your will to free yourself from blockages and to actively shape your life, a few sessions are usually enough for a noticeable change.

Therapeutic training and further education

Self employed work with people in business

  • 1998 - 2017 Development of " alphaSkills ", development, training, training trainers

  • 2005 + 2013 Publications on the alpha state: «alphaSkills» (book and learning CD), «The Alpha Factor» (book)

  • 2017  Selling of alphaSkills ag

  • 2017 - 2019 training the new owner and hand over of the company

About myself and my becoming

My becoming and working has always embraces two worlds:
Therapeutic work and working with people in companies

I use my (therapeutic) training in my work and make it suitable it for people working in business. SOMATIC Work covers the whole range.​

My work with people in companies began at the age of 28 when I was entrusted with setting up and leading a seminar center. At the age of 35 I became self empoloyed and developed my own brand "alphaSkills©". I trained these skills for 25 years.​ In 2017 I sold the company and since then I have devoted myself entirely to therapeutic work and coaching.

My ability to work in these two opposite worlds over all these years might be the truest expression of with my worldview, which sees live as a whole and does not separate worlds.

​In my practice at the AURUM in Baar , I work with individuals, including people from the business world, and  respond to the respective needs.


  • German, English

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