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Céline Grüniger


About my work

Foot care improves foot health and helps to strengthen and increase general well-being. Foot care has a positive effect on body, mind and soul. It is a service to people.


On Monday in the practice of AURUM Baar; on Friday as mobile foot care.


Cosmetic foot care offer/rate:

- Advice

- Trim nails and shape edges

- Clean cuticles and nail fold

- Gently reduce calluses

- Cream your feet

- Soothing short foot massage


General detox pads for the foot.


Foot care in the practice approx. 60 minutes at CHF 85.00 with varnish plus CHF 15.00, your own varnish plus CHF 10:00.



Wellness "Base with Fango" foot bath 30 minutes for Fr 45 including a soothing foot massage


Pedicure Mobile:

approx. 60 min. at CHF 85.00 from 16 km, 1.00 will be charged for each additional kilometer.



At the first contact, there may not be enough time, so at least 90 minutes should be allowed for plus CHF 25.00.


Can ONLY be reimbursed via Spitex(via health insurance  future music).

About me

My work today has always changed along the way, but the goal of creating harmony and rest is still the same. I found the harmony of body, mind and soul in Rudolf Steiner's philosophy in a simple poem. Poetry has nothing to do with esotericism.



admire the beautiful,

protect the truth

worship the noble,

resolve the good

It leads man to aim in life,

in doing what is right,

in the feeling of peace,

in thought to the light,

and teaches with confidence

to creative action,

In the universe, in the depths of the soul

Rudolf Steiner


I started at the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel, where art and creativity are very important. For me it went further to the level of materials and content of materials in the Conservation - Restoration course at the Bern University of the Arts. I come to the application of creative design in my work with children at KiBiZ Zug as a childminder, where we design many works of art 4 days a week and create creative works with colour, shape and materials. This increased the desire to apply design even more. So I can build up 1-2 days of cosmetic foot care per week.




Appointments by arrangement via email or WhatsApp/SMS

WhatsApp: 079 855 84 69

SMS: 077 450 80 41

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