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Pablo Hess


Body Work, Massage

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Potential Coaching

About me

I am a father of three children, life, relationship and integral community explorer.

Technical and commercial based trainings, education and ongoing training in med. Massage (federal certificate), osteopathy and psychotherapy. Since 1983 managing director and project manager of companies and community projects.

Since 1994 I have my own practice for holistic body therapy and counseling in Baar (ZG), since 2004 also in the canton of Thurgau.

Touch can be technical, empathic, energetic or intuitive.  It becomes an art when the hands (instead of just the head) take over.

Body work, massage offer

(with federal certificate)

  • Medical massage (60-90 minutes)

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (60-90 minutes)

  • Shoulder and neck massage (30 minutes)

  • Foot reflexology (30 minutes)

  • Connective tissue massage (30 minutes)

  • Back massage (30 minutes)

  • Anti-stress massage (60 minutes)

  • Wellness massage (60 minutes)

  • Sports therapy (after injuries, competitions, supporting the training structure)

A therapeutic conversation can be part of the respective treatment if desired

Osteopathic bodywork

  • Parietal osteopathy (treatment of the musculoskeletal system, joint and tissue mobility)

  • Craniosacral osteopathy (treatment of the primary respiratory mechanism of the craniosacral system)

  • Visceral osteopathy (treatment of organ mobility)

Indications: posture and movement disorders, joint problems, chronic and acute pain, organ disorders, stress and much more.

Spiral Dynamics®

Integral movement, coordination and posture concept by Dr. medical Christian Larsen

Indications: movement and posture problems, joint dysfunction, lack of coordination, rehabilitation after injuries, growth problems and much more.

health insurance companies

I am accredited as a naturopath and therapist by health insurance in Switzerland and the treatments are reimbursed proportionately as part of the supplementary insurance for alternative medicine.

I charge CHF 130 per hour for massages and bodywork. A social tariff for self-payers can be arrangement.

Coaching - What is Potential Coaching?

Taking all areas of life into account, this holistic approach asks the following questions:

“Are you living your life or are you being lived? Do you act or react? Are your actions based on conscious decisions or habits (patterns, conditioning)? Are you happy with yourself, in your relationship, with your family, with your job?”

“Do you keep finding yourself in complicated conflicts (private, business)? Do you know the feeling of not being heard, understood, respected? Do you feel burned out, tired, sick, unhappy, depressed, unsuccessful?”

"Do you wish for: lively and exciting relationships with people who really interest you?"

“Success and creativity privately and at work (meaningful and sustainable)?”

"Health and vitality?"

"Where, on a scale of 1-10, do you find yourself answering these questions?"

I offer individually tailored potential coaching,

  • for business, organizations/companies,

  • as well as for families and couples

  • and individuals.

Important! I am convinced that we have everything within us to be able to live fulfilled and happy lives. This includes both material abundance and emotional satisfaction. What often prevents us from living in this fulfillment are beliefs and conditioning.
Here I can be your supportive friend, uncomfortable questioner and benevolent mirror.

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