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Karin Fischer

Who am I?


I am an understanding, nature-loving and sensitive personality. During the first half of my life I was a diploma Business IT specialist HF and was able to position myself independently and successfully in the market with my own IT company. After starting a family (daughter in 2005 and son in 2007) and in the years that followed, I was drawn more and more to nature, mainly because of the many positive experiences I had with the power of medicinal plants.

What do I offering?


Gynecology is my specialty and an affair of the heart.

I know from my own experience that a lot is demanded of us women. Balancing family, job and personal interests is not always easy. This can lead to an imbalance in the body and, in the worst case, to illness.

I support women with the help of natural healing powers through appropriate and personally tailored therapies so that they can find their balance again.

Education/Further Education:


  • Qualified naturopath

  • div. Special training in gynecology

  • Certified Homeopath

  • Diploma in herbalism

  • Dipl. business informatics specialist HF

Treatments / Appointments


  • As an EMR-registered therapist, I am recognized by most health insurances.

  • Most health insurances cover the treatment costs through alternative or complementary supplementary insurance. Please clarify this with your health insurance company in advance.

  • If you cannot keep an appointment, I ask you to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise I have to charge you for the costs.

  • You may book appointments via the email address or via cellphone 079 / 636 91 01.

  • The count and duration of treatments depends on the type of complaints and the healing process.

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