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In the “AURUM BAAR” can be subject to availabilitypractice roomsbe hired. Talk to us without obligation. We would like to get to know you and show you the rooms.

Old, well-kept villa with a beautiful garden. Top location and only a 3-minute walk from the Baar train station and 1 minute from the bus stop.

The house has the following infrastructure: a waiting room, a fully equipped 50 m2 course room, full kitchen (washing machine, dryer) and a park-like garden. Some of the rooms have massage beds.

Who are the rooms suitable for?
Psychotherapy, body therapy, massage, kinesiology, healing practice, coaching, shiatsu, counseling as well as other similar quiet therapeutic professions.

Depending on availability, therapy rooms can also be rented on individual days.

Presently available:

"Sternenzimmer", 21 m2

free immediately

Nice, bright practice room. East facing,

suitable for Coaching, bodywork,

naturopathic practice (own wet zone).

treatment bed available.
1 day (Monday) CHF 364.- per month


Astrid Schryber

079 889 45 73

"Palmenzimmer", 22 m2

immediately or at yr convienence

Very beautiful, lightfilled practice room

south facing, ideal for Coaching, psycholigical
councelling, bodywork etc.,

treatment bed available.

2 maybe 3 days/week
(Monday, Tuesday, maybe Wedneday)

Fr. 381.- per month for 1 day

Fr. 681.- per month for 2 days

Ruth Wenger

079 381 25 15

"Wildspitzzimmer", 25m2

free immediately

Beautiful room in the attic with extra height,

all wood, ideal space for bodywork,

Automatitreatment bedc couch available

1/2 day/week (Tuesday afternoon)

Fr. 250.-


Astrid Schryber

079 889 45 73

Rental of practice rooms

Pictures "Sternenzimmer"
Sternenzimmer 1.jpg
Sternenzimmer 3.jpg
Sternenzimmer 4.jpg
Pictures "Wildspitzzimmer"
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