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Livia Schwander

companion on your way and author

Shadow work - your way to the light

So-called “shadows” arise when we reject and suppress parts of ourselves. For example, we want to be successful and loved, thereby blocking the unwanted energies of failure or loneliness. However, these still influence our lives and follow us at every turn.

Shadow work means really and truly dealing with your unloved parts. To dedicate yourself to your suppressed feelings, beliefs, triggers, patterns and blockages - and to gradually integrate them through loving acceptance and growing understanding.

Because… shadows are only shadows until we bring them to light. After that they may serve us with all their wisdom. Shadow work is the key to more lightness, joy and self-love.

Come with me on the journey into the depths and learn how we can spin shadows into gold.


Date: March 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Note: This seminar serves as an introductory seminar. You then have the opportunity to devote yourself to specific topics of shadow work in in-depth seminars. 


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