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relaxation courses

with Antonia Züger-Secreti


What is:

Medical progressive muscle relaxation (med. PME)

With medically progressive muscle relaxation (PME) according to Jacobson, a medically effective state of relaxation is achieved through the perception of altered muscle tension. Since this relaxation method only requires a low level of concentration, it is also suitable for people with attention and concentration disorders.

Tension and relaxation are mutually dependent. Without tension there is no relaxation - and vice versa. However, too much tension at work, at university or at school leads to physical and mental impairments. Relaxation serves as a balance to this tension. The PME helps us to find the optimal balance between tension and relaxation for us. As a therapist, I support and accompany you in this method.

possible applications

  • General pain

  • anxiety states

  • muscle tension

  • Psychovegetative Fatigue Syndrome

  • sleep disorders

  • Tension headache, migraine

Medical autogenic training (med. AT)

Autogenic Training (AT) according to JH Schulz is a method for inducing relaxation that works with so-called image-guided principles. Together we will learn the AT technique so that you can induce a state of relaxation in yourself within a few seconds.

AT is now widely accepted as a self-help technique in somatic medicine and psychotherapy. It is used both therapeutically - for many mental and psychosomatic illnesses - and in prevention - for example to cope with stress. If there are special indications, the AT is supplemented by progressive muscle relaxation.

possible applications

  • Acute life crises

  • Allergic diseases

  • listlessness

  • Chronic pain

  • memory disorders

  • skin diseases

  • sleep disorders

  • stress

Medical Mindfulness Meditation (med. AI®)

the medical AI® creates a special form of relaxation (song) and stillness (jing). Regular practice reduces inner tension and restlessness on the one hand, and calms excessive thoughts and emotions on the other, which optimizes the flow of Qi.

The resulting medical effect is particularly evident in close-to-body interoceptive mindfulness training. The effectiveness of mindfulness and interoception has been proven in large studies. "According to the idea of ancient Chinese medicine, HYZ can be used to influence any form of chronic disease towards recovery."

Individual purpose of HYZ (med. AI®). Depending on how long you practice each day, different effect sizes are achieved based on practical experience:

  • approx. 10 – 20 min.: as a self-soothing skill, prevention of stress disorders, therapy of milder chronic diseases

  • approx. 20 - 40 min.: progressive improvement of chronic diseases

  • approx. > 40-60 min.: profoundly healthy body transformation and experience of stillness

When practicing HYZ (med. AI®) you will realize that doing nothing actually does something. Through the benevolent, non-judgmental attitude and value-free, accepting allowing, body sensations, emotions and thought processes can flow simply by directing and keeping attention to the present moment. At the same time, doing nothing, directing attention to the inside of the body, leads to positive changes. Concentration and memory improve. Recognizing your own patterns and changing your own way of thinking automatically leads to more self-efficacy and autonomy. Looking for sensations and wanting them at all costs is not helpful here, but a strong motivation for regular practice and the curiosity to go on a journey of discovery is. It's not about changing anything, it's about being in relationship with the body.

possible application

  • Tension, inner restlessness, nervousness

  • chronic diseases

  • circles of thought

  • heart and circulatory diseases

  • psychosomatic diseases

  • feelings of tension

  • Mood / mood swings

    • Medical progressive muscle relaxation (med. PME)
    • Dates: Tuesday 29.08., 12.09./26.09., 10.10./24.10., 7.11./21.11., 5.12.

    • Time: 18.45 - 19.45

    • Costs: CHF 480.-/ evening (8 x approx. 60 minutes) incl. documents

    • Group courses PME, all ages

    • Relaxation – nutritional advice Baar, Zug – eat & feel well (

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    • Medical autogenic training (med. AT)
    • Dates: Tuesday 29.08., 12.09./26.09., 10.10./24.10., 7.11./21.11., 5.12.

    • Time: 18.45 - 19.45

    • Costs: CHF 480.-/ evening (8 x approx. 60 minutes) incl. documents

    • Group courses AT, all ages

    • The costs are covered by many health insurance companies in the supplementary insurance. Ask your health insurance!

    • Relaxation – nutritional advice Baar, Zug – eat & feel well (

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    • Medical Mindfulness Meditation
    • Dates: New dates follos

    • Time: 19:00 – 20:15

    • Costs: CHF 40.-/ evening (8 x approx. 75 minutes) incl. documents

    • Group courses AI®, all ages

    • More information can be found on my website:
      Relaxation – nutritional advice Baar, Zug – eat & feel well (


    • Neugasse 18

    • 6360 Baar (ZG)

    • Mob. 079 458 66 53

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